Welcome to Breaking The Rules.

WARNING: This blog contains strong language, mature content, and violence.

I’m melodicmollyxx, and this is one of many of my blogs, but I’m starting new with this legacy/story. I’m not sure how long this is going to be, but I hope you enjoy whats to come.

Sims 3 stories all have their rules, but here there are no rules (hence the title), but I will tell you what I will be doing:

  • CC, mods and poses will all be used
  • Heirs can be male or female
  • Cheats will be used to create a story, but I will try to be realistic with money.
  • This story is fictional, so supernatural and other events will take place that do not resemble the real world.

Alex Quinn

Our founder is Alex Quinn. Alex used to be a very happy, social person until a tragic incident occurred when he was young.  Since then, Alex moved to America to pursue his hobby as a serial killer and find out the truth about his dark past.


 Bree Waters

For generation two it’s Bree Waters. Both her parents died when she was only a toddler, and grew up living with her aunt and twin brother in the city. But after an incident caused by Bree and Carter, their lives change as they are sent to live with their foster parents, Kelsey and Curtis. But after a while, Bree begins to notice things are not exactly as they seem, and she goes on a hunt to find out the truth behind herself and the world she is living in.


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